Tuesday, December 22, 2009

New song.

Tkda tajuk ahh. ahhaa.

When I looked you in the eyes,
I hear the shadow whispered me to die,
With the fake smile upon your face,
You walked away without a word to say.

Pain inside me need your touch,
Your kiss were like a drug to me,
I'll wait for, If God won't let me to,
Please take my last gift as my final wish.

Please God Please,
'Cuz I'm to weak.

Now that I must leaving you,
Don't cry 'cuz I be gone for awhile,
I'll wait for you in other life,
If this is my last gift and goodbye.

Lord, I pray to you,
A chance for one more night,
Let me full fill my eyes,
With the star sun skies.

Girl, I need you to,
Be right here by my side,
Whispered to wind,
That I am still,
Loving you.

Sorry if it is sucks for you. :)

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Its getting better and better.

Hey folks, hari ini aku nak cerita pasal hari pertama dapat drum. Haha, and guitar. Pada pagi yg indah, aku bangun pukul 1, indah apenye. Hahaha. So, mandi makan then call org yamaha tu. Blablablablabla. Then keluar skejap. Lepak ngan Syamir. Then lepak rumah aku tunggu drum sume laaa.

Pastu abg syamir suruh pam tayar moto and beli makanan. Pergi laa ambil moto. Tgk tgk tayar okay jeee. So kita pun pergi laaa beli makanan dkt medan selera. Lepas habis semua, hantar moto, hantar makanan, dah set semua, pergi balik rumah aku. Balik rumah tunggu org tu sampai. Suresh tu ahh. Then dah sampai, die pasang sume pasang sume. Dah set jee, okay chow ahh. Hahahah, kasi ahh rm60 untuk hantar barang. Call ahh semua dtg rumah jamming. Hahahahha, waaaa dah siap.
Then Ezki ngan Amir ni tidur rumah aku. Siap bawak gitar. Tkleh blaaa. Memekak ahh rumah aku.

Malam tu seronok duhh. Hhahaha, lepak pukul 1 kat rooftop rumah aku. Lepak lepak lepak. Cerita macam2. Gelak sane gelak sini, blabalablablaba. Then tgk jam tgk2 dah pukul 5.30. Wow! Kat rooftop pun jadi. Hahhahaa. Then terus lepak bilik. Mule2 aku dah cadang dah nak tidur lepas masuk bilik ni. Tgk2 tidur lambat, borak borak agi dalam bilik. Hahhaa, gelak mcm org gile ahhh. Hahah, pukul 9 baru laa mate dah nak tidur. Soo tidur laaa aku ngan Amir jelaaa. Ezki pergi layan blue dari pukul 6 sampai pukul 3 ptg, gilee die tu. Kitorang bangun jee, die masih ngan blue die. Hhahaha, then bgun mandi makan, jam, lepak condo, balik condo jam lagi. pastu pasar malam. Balik mandi dan sampai sekarang. Hahahhaha, tu jee duhhhl. Sorry ahh, aku suke buat karangan. Thanks and bye. :)

Monday, December 7, 2009

New leaf of my life.

It's not just your fault sayang, but it's our fault also. But the majority, it's yours. :) . I'm not talking about you, Yasmin. I'm talking about this one guy that is always be like brothers to me. Forget all about our mistakes. It's not worth it if we still keep hanging on it, right? But don't you ever make a same mistake, same attitude, etc etc.

I promise you, my friend. That I'll give you second chance and we're gonna be on the same road like we use too and hope that thing that cause anything that we do not like it will never gonna happen twice. It's soo cool huh? What Faheem did, haha. Actually, Faheem and I, we go through that problems in very easy way. We never talk about it you know. I met him at BB when we are still fighting. But I don't know how happens, we begin to laugh like we used to and hang like we used too. Weird huh? Hahaha, then i tell everything about you, Faiq. He so say ohhh while smiling and laughing. Haha, its weird to me, you know.

The wierdss bout us, is that we are soo easy to get along. Remember the day after we settle all our things, at the night of the day, we slept-over at my place right? Can you believe all that thing? Hahaha, It's funny when I'm think of it. Hehe. And we jammed, made a sausage and maggie. HAHAH, and count a star on my roof top. Haha, kinda stupid. The best when we're nont slept at all. Haha, and in the morning, having breakfast and swim at condo. Hahaha, soo silly dude. Then tired, I'm slept at your place. Hahahhaa, guess thats all, I'm to lazy too write more.
My english is soo damn sucks, just read it, you will understand. Hahaa. I forgive you, and I know, you'll forgive me as well.

"If you are my brother, we'll be a best friend ever, If you are my best friend, I'll treat you like my own brother" created by me hundred million zillion oooo percent. Hahahha, :)

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Goodbye my worthy

One again me and all my friends. Not all of them laa. Aku, Syamir and Ammar je. Haha, okay, Teman Ammar potong rambut. Thats all. BYEBYE. :)

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

His talk is sooo cheap.

I want to face the world, but how? The world is like a big ball right? Isn't it?

Hello my friend, yea this part is called goodbye take care and sweet dreams. :)
Dude, I'm just starting. And I want ends now, but i have the ends before I'm starting this one.

Okay Irondude,
As I'm writing this blog, I's only for youuuu. Just youuu. I said it before and yess, I said it again. I've got only 20 percent to have u in my arms. Only 20 okay, can you imagine how does it hurts me? Imagine this, there is 100 bucks and you use 80 bucks to spend for your looks and ur arrogant hearts and ur cheap talking bout shit stuff. The balanced never knew about you. If you know what i meant.. Guess u know, u are the clever one among us right?

I'll make it easy and in a good way, if you really love ur friends as u love them as a person and human being, please take a good care of his heart like u love you hair. I just say love not in love. Talking bout love, love does't mean u love someone for his or her looks. You only know about love when you really know about him or her that are good in other way.

Yea dude, I'm sorry for letting you go on your on way. I don't and NO NEED to do that act, but you've gone to far. I just can't stand. Like the song that i dedicated to you. "Please understand, This isn't just goodbye, This is I can't stand you". And talking bout music, when we both alone somehow, have you heard the lyrics of the song that I sing to you? Guess no huh, yea thats for you. I really don't wanna talk much bout you, cuz I know it hurts you and I don't wanna let your reputation and your pride down.

Thanks for pick me up, and be my driver for a while. I don't want to use you. I didn't meant to. I love you. Seriusly. But when I know you the truth you, It does hurt me and all my friends.

Last one, you remmember Faheem? He loves you, you know. I can see. As a friend laa. But how could u can't see that? The only person who wants to ignore him, is me. But why are u on my side? I just can't understand. Its between me and him. I just surprised that u just do that "infiltrate" stuff. HAHA, what goes around comes around Faiq, I know you love that songs. Beware that songs. :)

I'm veryveryveryveryveryveryveryveryvery SORRYYYYYYYY!!! I love you. :)


This letter I've wrote are shackled to my chest.

Monday, November 23, 2009


Hey Hey Hey!
Wahhhh, ini hari best ohhh.
Syami call aku dalam pukul 7 camtu laa, gile awal bgun. Aku set jam pun pukul 8.
Haha, aku dah set jam laa skarang. Hahaha, yelaaa sbb nak duit. Then, die tnye " weh, aku lepak ngan korang hari ni leh?" then aku ckp laa " Kitorang okay jee, dtg ahhh" Then aku terus bgun mandi, makan, then mintak duit kat ayah sebelum die pergi kerja. Haha, die kasi ahh beberape. Pastu aku lepas makan, aku pergi laa desert sorang2. Then Ammar pun msg, die nak lepak condo. Okay laaa, dtg jee. Syamir bawa kereta. Sooo kite pergi laa ambil Ammar. Selepas itu ambil Syaff, die tk mandi punnn terus dtg condo. HAHA, pastu tunggu laa Syahmi kat condo, nasib baik Ammar ade laptop and aku ade Pall Mall. Hahaha, Tunggu punye tunggu, at last, die dtg. Then aku ngan Syaff swim dulu, tige tige drummer duduk kat cafe itu. ( Syamir, Ammar, Syami ) .
Tunggu Ezki and Amir pulak.
Then sume dah sampai, soo aku ngan syaff siap2 ahh, tk pasal2 pergi jam. Bodoh betul..
So pergi jelaaa.

Dah habis satu jam, balik condo balik, tp Syaff kene balik rumah. Balik condo makan makan makan, then terjun! Swim lagi, ISHHH, Tp Ezki hantar Ammar dulu, die kene balik awal. Haha, Syami sepatutnye kene balik awal, tp die plan nak balik pukul 7, tk sedar pukul brape sbb mandi punye seronok, Amir tegur," bile kau nak balik? " Hahahah, terperanjat die. Haahahha, terus balik jee. Hahahaa, then kite pun balik laaa. Tu je laa cerita aku, bosan kan? Sape suruh bace. See u next time duh.


Haha, this date is not soo much. Firstly, we ( me, Amir, Ezki ) planned nak jam. Call ayahanda ku.
Cun, tk conferm lagi. Then bergerak rumah aku setelah call Syamir beberape kali, tp die tk angkat.
Makan laaa kat rumah aku, cadang nak buat telur dadar. Soo, kite pun buat laa.

Atfirst, tgk minyak dalam kuali. Wahhh banyak nyeee. Then Ezki kate, "Tkpe, boleh ahhh tu."
Kite pun okay jeelaa. Slpastu, masak. WAHHHHH!!! Macam bantal seyhhhh. Hahahah, okay ahh tu minyak terlampau banyak. At last dah siap, makan laaaa ngan nasi. Wahhhh sedap ahhhh! Betull!!
HAhahahah, habis telur tu kene bedal ngan kite bertiga. Pastu Syamir pun call, die tye kat mane laa itu laaa ini laaa, macam perempuan. Hahaha.

Syamir pun sampai laaa, ahhhh.
Then pergi desert laa. Tibe2, dorang nak jam pulak. Aduh, call my dad lagi, okay jeee jawapan die.
Then pergi laa jam. Dah habis tu balik, Amir nak gaduh pulaaa. Aduhh.
Bak tang ahhhh, Bush!!!
Padan muke tengkok sakit. HAHAHAH! Itu jelaaa, read my 23/11/09 yea. Peace!

Friday, November 20, 2009

19/11/09 I LOVE YOUUU MORE YASMIN, =))))

Ahhh, ini hari seronok jugakk ohh, sbb dpt jumpe ngan YASMIN <33
Yeahhhh, kite tgk wyg, Ahhhhh bolehhh laaa cerite tu. 2012. Bosan pun ade. Tk rase nak insaf pun. HAHA.

At first, pukul 2 pagi aku text my syg, "wake me up at 8a.m tau Syg". Then die kejut call pukul lapan, 930 baru aku bgun. Hahaa, sorryy, wyg pukul 12, then aku, Faiq and Nabyla boleh dtg lambat pulak. Hahhaa, Soryyyyyy! Then masuk wyg mcm 1220 camtu. Haha, Sorry laaa. Aku dgn tk sihat, tkpe. Nabyla kene balik awal pulak, ntah ade problem, so tinggal Faiq sorang jeee. Tahan jee. :)

Lepas wyg, terserempak ngan Syafiq with his gf, at Subway Pavi. WAhhh sweet ohhh. Heh, Then kite bergerak ahh ke KLCC. Makan Subway kat KLCC, lapar gileee. After makan, smoker mesti smoke. Hahaha, lepastu balik laaa

Smpai rumah je. Die msg, die nak jumpe. Okay, then pergi laa jumpe. tu jelaaa. yg lain tu, korang fikil laaa sendiri. Haha, byeeee

18/11/09 I LOVE YOU FRIENDS, =)

Wahhhhhh, best duhhhhh!
Haha, keluar ngan Dylan, Faiq, Amir, Ezki, Fahmi, Azam,Iqbal, Amy, Ammar. Syamir tkde, dah mati kut. Hahaha, tkde laaaa. Gurau. Anyway, hang time ni, best gilee kan you guys. Pastu jumpe Syahmi, ohhhh cun ahhh tu. SYAMIR tkde tp SYAHMI ade. AHHAHA.
Tp die lepak sekejap jelaaa.

Pagi tu, Syamir dtg rumah. Pastu die masuk rumah aku je, tetibe MTV keluar Slipknot, pastu die pun jadi org kene sawan anjing. AHHA. Habis jeee lagu tuh, naik atas, " Kau online ahhh, aku nak berak ahhh" Hahahhaa, pastu die ajak pergi ke rumah Faiq, Okay jum ahhhh. Then, Syamir die kate, die tkboleh follow. Then aku pergi ngan Faiq jelaaa.

At first thing dtg pavi, kite check wyg. WAAA, bukan main christmas lagiii. GRRR, boleh ramai pulak. Tkpeee ahhh. Jum KFC, lapar ahhh. Slepas makan, kite pergi merokok. Hahah, then mereka sampai, punye lameee ahh.

Lepas bercerita kat food court, kite pergi check wyg lagi. Ahhhhhh, bosannyeee. Then jalan2 tkde arah tuju, tp best. Sbb gelak macam org gileee je. Haha, we don't give a damn bout other people around us time tu. Then terjumpe Syami, lpak ngan die, aku rase aku paling rapat ngan die time tuu. Ahaha, macam bestfriend dah lame tk jumpe. Padahal lepak kekadang je ngan die, tp best ahh hang ngan die.

Then shisha, WOWWWW! Tgh gelak gelak, dtg bil jee sume terus diam. RM98. CUN kan?
Dah biase dahh bayar mahal mahal ni. AHAH. Balik dah tkde duit. Snap gambar snap gambar. Then balik, Faiq's dad angkat kite balik. Thats all my story for 18/11/09.Byee. :)

Monday, November 16, 2009


Arghhhh! Hari yg agak bosan tp best. Hahaha,
I woke up at 3pm at my mum's house. Hello sunshine! BUSHHHHH! It was raining. GRRRRR
Tkpeee, Mndi ahh. Then aftr pakai baju sume, terus ke my fav place. KITCHEN! Hahha.
Waaaaaaa, nenek masak macam2. Sedap. What am I waiting for? DIG IN! NyumNyum.
Then boring, call Syamir. "Weh, petang ni ade kereta tk? Amik aku kat rumah mak aku!". Syamir said " Nnt aku amik". Then tunggu macam org gile, tgk TV tahan sangap. Then I talked to my mum, "Ibu, Man keluar sekejap ngan kawan. Malam nnt amik kat rumah ayah laa". Then Syamir dtg, PINGGGGG PINGGG!! Aku keluar, " SABAR LAA BODOH!!". Then pergi Desa Pandan, nak cucuk duit. "Wey, kejap tau, nak beli Pall Mall". Then lepas dah beli, duit tk dapat. Ishhh, belum masuk gaji lagi. So masuk laa kereta balik, tgktgk tkleh start enjin. Shit! Battery low. Camne ni? So pergi laa bengkel berhampiran, abg tu kate mmg dah tk boleh start dah. Ohhh man, soo, lepak dalam kereta macam org gile. Syamir called his sis, she said " Biar jee kereta tu, kau balik dulu, nnt aku settle kan laaa kereta tu, duit baru masuk, pergi amik duit". Bodoh gile sis die, nak biarkan kereta kat situ. Then, kite pun pergi ke McD. EHHHHHHH?! Ni Lokman SENNIN, HAHAH, die kerja kat McD laaa. HAHA. Macam gagap je die kerja. Then call Faiq, minta tolong die ambil kat McD, Symir blanje McFlurry. NYUMMY! Hahaha, Pastu balik pergi ke kondo. Syamir naik atas, bodoh gile die. Haha, Faiq ngan aku melepek kat bawah tu kat Cafe. Then 7, balik, sbb malam tu nak pergi makan malam. Then dah sampai depan pagar rumah jee, Syamir call, "kat mane? Aku nak pergi JJ" Then aku ckp ahh, " TKNAK" HAHA, Then aku naik atas, pergi call my syg. HEEEE :D
Pastu at 7.30 my mum dah smpai, pergi laaaa dinner at satay station. Kenyng, then pergi rumah pakcik, Smoke jap kat situ. Then balik. And here I am now. Sakai je hidup aku. AHAH. Thats all for now, Byeee. :)

Sunday, November 15, 2009


Tidur pukul 3 or 4, lupe ahh. bagun pukul 1. SHIT! My dad dah pergi kerja! Arghhh, camne nak mintak duit? Yea, aku gune duit parents lagi. Soo what? Then, mintak kat sis, die kasi rm50. Wahhhh, baik gileeee. Text Faiq, nak follow. Tgk wayang 2012 jum, die pun pun okay je..

Then bergerak rumah Faiq, his dad send us to Pavi.
Uhhhhhhhhhh, laparnyee. Jum KFC? Then, call Syaf. "Pavi tk?" Syaf said, " Tak kut". Then aku terus letak phone. Haha, makan makan dan makan, ahhhh lega. Pastu ade 'awek' depan kite ni, comelnyeee, hahaa. Kawan die tu pergi mampus ahh. HAH, then basuh tangan, pastu bergerak ke kedai ni, nak beli Pall Mall. AHHH, sedapnyee bau. HAHA.

Time tuuu, Pavi ni penuh gile org, apasal laaa. Smoke sekejap, lepas habis sebatang tu, pergi usha tiket wayang. WOW!! Gileee ramai. GRRRRR. Tk jadi ahh tgk kiamat, ISHHHH. FORGIVE ME. :)
Pastu pergi Memory Lane, beli present ibu. Birthday die, 15/11/19** tktau. Hahaha,
Then pergi Sungai Wang tgk Naughty Shop, Dylan and Faiq pemalu rupenyee. Aku sorang je masuk dalam tu. Hahaha, ade macam2. Best ahh jugak. Korang try ahh. Then brother tu dah usha panas dahh. Sooo, kitorang pun bergerak laaa ke sebelah Babylon tu, tempat shisha bersama Fara and the geng. Heh.

WAAAA, DSLR, heh. Fara tau jee aku ade, tu yg die bawak camera tu. Haha. Then snap gambar macam org gile sambil tgk bola, New Zealand vs Bahrain. Banyak fan BHRN kat situ, sume keturunan arab kut. AHHA. Well, NZL menang, kesian Bahrain. Tkpe tahun depan ade lagi. Gambar tu nnt upload tau Fara. Thanks, then balik dalam pukul 730, Faiq's dad sent us back home. Thanks. :)

Malam tu, celebrate my moms birthday. SURPRICE MAMA! Hee, nah present. Comel kan? I Lovee yoouuuuu....(joey tribbiani) . Lepas celebrate, suruh my hairstyler potong rambut, haha. Couzin aku laa. Heh, style rempit ehh? Hahaha, sekali betul2 jadi style rempit. OMG, biar jeelaaa untuk sehari jeee. Nnt potong laa ekor. Hahaha, Thats all folks. See u again next time. :)

Friday, November 13, 2009

heyyy soo what?

Ehhhh, aku rase, blog aku laa yg paling hodoh sekali. AHAHA. So what? If I don't give a damn bout it, why u should? Haaaa..

Hmmmm, eh. Guess what? I love my life right now you know. I think, my life has change to the best damn thing. HAHAHA. Yea, its cool. Tk lepak sgt kat town, lepak pun kat tempat biase2 jeee macam mamak, cafe. Friends, you rock. Family, still the same. :(
School, suck as usual. Girlfriend, Love you bebey. HEH,

What happen to my enemy?
Sume sihat jeee, tp ade laaaa problem sikit ngan dorang ni semua, ade yg bajet hot laa. Selfish laaa. ******** ssh nk tolong ke? Lebih baik tkyah hidup ahh. Bodoh, I swear to you, one day u will regret. I promise you dude, and I will make u upset. Just wait and see.

Jahatnyeee aku. Ehhh, sekola dah habis, performance hari tu macam siuutt. AHHA. Tktau nak buat ape mase cuti sekolah. Bosann. Chat ngan Ammar ganja, Dylan bontot leper, Faiq ironman. AHHA. And nyanyi sorang2, ahhhh. Bosan, Sooo layan blue jeelaaa. AHAH. Tu jeee. Tgh bosan ni, soo tu jelaa. BYEEE!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

No It Isn't by Plus 44

This song's dedicated to all my friend that I can't stand anymore. Please understand. :)

Please understand
This isn't just goodbye
This is I can't stand you
This is where the road crashed into the ocean
It rises all around me
And now we're barely breathing
A thousand faces we'll choose to ignore

Curse my enemies forever
Let's slit our wrists and burn down something beautiful
This desperation leaves me overjoyed
With fading lights that lead us past the lives that we destroy

I listen to you cry
A cry for less attention
But both my hands are tied
And I'm pushed into the deep end
I listen to you talk but talk is cheap
And my mouth is filled with blood
From trying not to speak
So search for an excuse
And someone to believe you
In foreign dressing rooms
I'm empty with the need to

Curse my enemies forever
Let's slit our wrists and burn down something beautiful
This desperation leaves me overjoyed
With fading lights that lead us past the lives that we destroy

Curse my enemies forever
Let's slit our wrists and burn down something beautiful
This desperation is leaving me overjoyed
With fading lights that lead us past the lives that we destroy

Please understand

Lay rotting where I fall
I'm dead from bad intentions
Suffocated and embalmed
And now all our dreams are cashed in
You swore you wouldn't lose then lost your brain
You make a sound that feels like pain

So please understand
This isn't just goodbye
This is I can't stand you

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Karaoke di Conference YM

Haduyyyy yaaiii, lepas penat jam, shisha, lepak. Mlam tu ym ngan Dylan and Amy pulaaaaa. Mule2 cerita lucah. Pastu sume penat jee. Menyanyi kat conference tu. Hahahahah, mule2 aku ngan Dylan nyanyi macam org gile lagu Mayday Parade, Micheal Jackson, AHAH. lagi ape tahhhh. Then Dylan pulaaa nak out sbb die kate bangun awal. Ishhhh, ape ahhh. Selepas tu aku nyenyi sorang2, then Amy baru join nyanyi. Aku pun okay jeee ahhh, memekak die malam bute niiii. HAHAH. Lagu Sum 41, Blink 182, Box Car Racer. Ahhhhhh, best ohhh. Sedap ahh suare kau Amyyy. Heeeee. :DD


DALAM GAMBAR NI SEPATUTNYEE ADE LAGI SEORANG, NAME DIE AMIR WAFIY! DIE YG TGKAP PULAK. GILEE! HEH! DALAM GAMBAR NI BUKAN TEMPAT JAM KITORG SKRANG, NI TEMPAT HAMBA SYAITAN. AHAHHA! KITORG DAH TK JEJAK KAKI DKT SINI LAGI! Td jamming. best oohhhhh. Tp bukan kat tempat dalam gambar ni ahhh, kitorang jam dekat Studio Shah, Marego ni cam sial jee. GRRR. Tp lambat dtg, sorry ahhh kepada satu lagi band tu. AHAH. Ehhh, tp annn. Td, first time aku tk buat hal dalam nyanyi lagu. AHAHAH. Slalunyeee aku laaa yg dipersalahkan. Tp td, Syamir yg buat hal(drummer). AHHAHA. Pdan muke kau. Tp before jam td, mmg byk hal. Syamir lambat laaa. Hujan laaa. Aishhhhh, Td aku bngun pukul 1 petang. tidor pukul 1030 malam. gilee ann? Yg aku post bawah ni laaa, sambungan die.HAHAHAH. Btw syamir call aku, kalau die tk call petang tu. mmg aku tk bgun ahhh. AHAH. pastu gerak rumah ammar, Syamir basuh kereta die. Aishhh, pastu lepak jap rumah ammar, aku penat ohhhhhhhh. Dgn tk mandi. terus gerak rumah die. AHHA. Pastu balik lepas kereta dah habis basuh. Then, pergi rumah amir, sbb aku suruh, Amir lepak laaa rumah aku. Makan jee keje die. Then aku mandi. Ahhhhhh, sejuk. AHAH. pastu baru laaa. lepak kondo, beli YB. Main guitar heroes kat rumah aku. ngan adik aku si Faizal ni. AHAH. pastu pukul 6 bergerak nak pergi jamming, start pukul 615. Habis satu jam, dgn lagu A7x BMTH AIBM, fuhhh penat. Pastu pergi shisha dkt Ali Baba. Ahhhhh bestnyeee Strawberry. AHHA. Then, balik kondo makan roti telur. Waaaa, kenyang. AHAH. then baru balik rumah. penattt.

06/11/09 ( LETIHHH OHHH! )

HAHAHA, Wsup dude?!
Ehhhhh, cek ade lagu nak habak ni. Baik punyee. nak dgr?
Meh sini.
Pada suatu hari, hari Jumaat. Wahhh hari yg agak seronok ahhh. Mcam org gilee,
mulamula, janji sume nak sekolah. Aku pun okay sajee. Then tidur ahhh pukul 0400a.m.
bangun pukul 0645a.m camtu ahhh. Mcam org gile ko tau. Pastu bangun2, Syamir says "weh, dorang sume tk jadi skola ahhh, tk yahh pegi sekolah." macam siall! pastu aku dah tk boleh buat ape2, amir pun dtg depan rumah. Then aku ckp ahhh, " WEH! Syamir macam siall duhhh. Die kate, die tk pegi skola. Ape kate kite fly, nak?" HAHA, then amir cakap, "Sial gileee ohh die ni." haha," Aku onn jee, haha." Pastu aku ngan amir bergerak laaa ke rumah yg berhormat Syazhamir aka Syamir cilake. HAHA, nasib aku bawak baju utk tukar, yee ahhh, tkkan nak serong pakai baju sekolah ann. hahaha, Syamir pun kasi baju kat Amir, hahah. Pastu, the best part, Syamir ni boleh blanje kitorg nasi lemak. WOWWWWW, bapak pedasss ohhhh! Lagi2 pekena ngan YB with teh o ais. Lagi mengancam, FUHH! Bukan senang nak suruh Syamir belanja. ahhaha. Tibe2, syamir ni nak lepak rumah Ammar, kitorg pun tunggu Ammar bangun macam org gileee smpai pukul 1030a.m. Then Ammar ckp,"Gerak ahh rumah aku skrang". Haha, kitorg pun bergerak ngan cab yg biase2 jee. Smpai jeee, panggil Ammar, "AMMARR!! AMMARR!!! SMEKOMMM!!" Then die pun keluar ngan no sleeve campur muke baru bgun tido die. air liur basi kat telinge. AHHA. Tkde ahh. Pastu masuk rumah, aku baring. perghhhh! Mengantuk ohhhh. Amir pulaaa leh kacau nak main gay. Siaallll. Pastu main Guitar Heroes, ngan gitar ps2 Ammar tuu. Aku tk main pun, ngantok ohhh. Ammar leh nak makan mapleee. Adoyy, ngan duit kering. Tkpe ahhh. Selepas beberape minit tu, tgk ahh satu awek ni, muke perghhhh, dari belakang mcm cun, dari depan. Haduuyy, tk mau ahhh. Kalau cun pun, tknak, aku setia ahhhhh. Heh, thenthen, lepas bayar. Dorang nak pergi CC, aku okay jelaa. Sbb dah taktau nak pergi mane. HAHA. Terbang laa RM2 belanja amir setengah jam, aku setengah jam. Cukup ahh. Then tetibe Athirah YM aku, kite cerita pasal Azfiq. Adoyyy, si AZFIQ ni, nak repeat lagi ngan fahmy, mcm bodoh jee. Yg nak backup azfiq ni si muqri. Muqri ni pulak sedare jauh aku. Lagi tk boleh blaaa. Aku ngan dorang sume tergelak kat CC tu macam org gileee. AHHAHAHA. Selepas CC, kite balik. ALAMAK! Orang sume dah pergi sembahyang Jumaat. Camne ni?! Aku pun ckp, tknak ahhhh! AHHAHA. Dear god, FORGIVE ME!!! :((
Aku pun decide yg aku nak menapak balik pergi rumah Amir, perghhhh! Jauh baiiiii. Penat gilee. Sampai je rumah Amir, aku baring rumah die. Minum air. Then dorang nak lepak kat kondo. Aku dgn Amir menapak lagi pergi maluri. Siall ahh! HAHA. Tp ni naik train ahhh. Penat ohh, turun dkt Maluri. Then jalan sampai kondo. Gile jauhhh. Aku boleh kurus ohhh, AHH. Than aku balik sekejap, amik seluar, tukar baju, bawak gitar pergi kondo. Then tunggu Fahmy, Iqbal, Syaf, Faizz, Ezki. Perghhh! lamee oh. Smpai pukul 5 tunggu. Yasmin ni kat rumah Athirah. Athirah ni pulaaa tk boleh keluar, Yasmin pulak ikut Athirah, duduk jeelaa kat rumah tu dorang ni. ISHHH! HAHA. Selepas lame sedemikian, kitorg pun swim. Macam org gile main lawan dalam air. AHHA. Pastu pukul 0630p.m habis mandi. Ahhh, penat. Then, Fahmy, Ibal, Syaf, Faiz, dgn Ammar nak chow. Dorang pun chow ahhh, Sempat ahhh ngan syaf. AHAHH. Tinggal aku, Amir , ngan Ezki. Syamir dah berambus dahh ngan kakak die. Ish. Kitorang ape lagi, makan ahhh roti canai. AHAH. lapar ohhh. GRRR. Lepas makan, mak aku ajak pergi makan malam dkt luar. Sape tknak ann? Rezeki tuuu. AHAH. Then pergi ahhh. Makan makan makan, balik. Finally, balik jeee. Lari masuk bilik, terus tido. AHAHAH. Time tu pukul 1030p.m. byebye. AHAH

Sunday, October 25, 2009

I'm better off without HIM. AHHA.

EHHHHH, 'HIM' tu bukan gayboy ehhhh. Itu kawan, and yeaaaaaaaa. I'm sooo better off without him, its trueeee laaaa. I won't tell his name okay. Just because don't want everyoneee to think that I'm a jerk. AHAHHA. Not because I'm afraid of him. Btw, lupe pulaaaaa, As'kum. Ehhhhh nak buat ketupat ni. Join sekaki? Okay, here goes nothing. Why I'm sick of him? Coz he such a F**King A**H**E. AHHA. Bukan aku sorang jeeeee yg nampak kebodohan die, ramai lagi nampak. Kan? Hahaha, okay serius, first thing that i hate bout him is that, he cannot be himself. Yeaaaa, copycat! Thats what i mean. Omggggggg, nampak orang pakai tuuu, okay die pun nak jugaaaa. Nampak je org ni pakai cara lain, okay tukar styleee. Hisssshh, kenape ehh? Aahhaha, the 2nd one is because, die terlampau styloooo sampai nak lepak kat kedai mamak pun nak pakai contact lens warne **** tuuuu. Dulu sampai nak pakai spect, rambut penuh ngan wax. Adoyyy, aku ngan member2 aku taktau camne nak betulkan wayar otak die. Hahahhaa. 3rd thing, suka membahan. Orang yg die tk kenal pun die bahan. Ohhhh yeaa, dah perfectkan? Ape boleh buat. AHHA. 4th, die ni pentingkan gf die dulu laaaaahh, kawan die sume, die pijak jeee. Tu yg paling bengang tu. Ehhhhhhh, kalau moto rosak, gf boleh tolong keee? Kawan jugk kene call. Die tk fikir sume tuuuuu. Hahahaha, malas ahhh pasal tu. HAHA. 5th, sbb die sukeeee sgt cerita pasal 'brader' dieeee. Hahahaa, bagus sgt keee? Ohhhh, aku takut laaaaa. Banyak laagi sebenarnyeee, tpi org kate, mengumpat lebih2 dosa banyak. Hahahahaha, sooo sikit sikit dah laaaaa. HAHA. okay laaaaa. Tu jeee ehhh, nak lagi? Alaaaaaa nnt ahhh. AHHAHAH. As'kum. :)

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Hello Malaysia !

Heyyy bloggers ngan yg suke menyibuk tu di luar sane. YEA, u folks tau kan yg aku ni dilahirkan die Malaysia yg indahh indahhhhhhdahhhdahh ni kan. AHAH, Taman Maluri if u wanna know, and yeah berhampiran kg india and kg rempit. AHAHA. Selamber. Ehh aku tk rempit, aku normal. Masih suci tp paru-paru berkarat sikit laa. Problems? Okay, talk about rempit = shit . Yea agak benci dengar name tu, hahaha. Why they must have to exist? Why GOD? WHY?! AHHAHA. Mereka nilaaa buat hidup ni tk aman. They got no life laaa, tu laa sbb dorang samun orang. Bodohkan? Di situ laa wujudnye IC baru aku. HAHAHA. Ehhhh, ni bukan blog Rempit laaa. Buat ape cite pasal dorg. Buang mase je. Hahaha. Anyway, this year, I'm 15 and going on 16, sick of people around me, why they have to judge others? WHAT?! Are we not same species like them? Are they good enough to be in heaven? WTF, lagi lagi kepada makcikpakcik tuuu, sudah sudah laaa mengumpat ehhh. Asal tk sound jee? Kan senang cite, ahhahaa. Btw, I am a vocalist of a band named 'As I Burn Myself'. Its not just a band. Thats all i can describe. Haha, Anddddddd yea, I love my friends, my gf, my parents, my family. The Q is, do they love me? Its fine bouut that, Bak kate amir 'ONLY GOD KNOWS'. HAHAHA, hey dah laaaa, Aku ni bukannye suke bercerita punn. Okaylaaaa, Look after urself, mate. andand here some advice, look in the mirror before u talk shit bout others. GOOO FUCK YOURSELF REMPIT!!!