Tuesday, December 22, 2009

New song.

Tkda tajuk ahh. ahhaa.

When I looked you in the eyes,
I hear the shadow whispered me to die,
With the fake smile upon your face,
You walked away without a word to say.

Pain inside me need your touch,
Your kiss were like a drug to me,
I'll wait for, If God won't let me to,
Please take my last gift as my final wish.

Please God Please,
'Cuz I'm to weak.

Now that I must leaving you,
Don't cry 'cuz I be gone for awhile,
I'll wait for you in other life,
If this is my last gift and goodbye.

Lord, I pray to you,
A chance for one more night,
Let me full fill my eyes,
With the star sun skies.

Girl, I need you to,
Be right here by my side,
Whispered to wind,
That I am still,
Loving you.

Sorry if it is sucks for you. :)

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