Tuesday, December 22, 2009

New song.

Tkda tajuk ahh. ahhaa.

When I looked you in the eyes,
I hear the shadow whispered me to die,
With the fake smile upon your face,
You walked away without a word to say.

Pain inside me need your touch,
Your kiss were like a drug to me,
I'll wait for, If God won't let me to,
Please take my last gift as my final wish.

Please God Please,
'Cuz I'm to weak.

Now that I must leaving you,
Don't cry 'cuz I be gone for awhile,
I'll wait for you in other life,
If this is my last gift and goodbye.

Lord, I pray to you,
A chance for one more night,
Let me full fill my eyes,
With the star sun skies.

Girl, I need you to,
Be right here by my side,
Whispered to wind,
That I am still,
Loving you.

Sorry if it is sucks for you. :)

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Its getting better and better.

Hey folks, hari ini aku nak cerita pasal hari pertama dapat drum. Haha, and guitar. Pada pagi yg indah, aku bangun pukul 1, indah apenye. Hahaha. So, mandi makan then call org yamaha tu. Blablablablabla. Then keluar skejap. Lepak ngan Syamir. Then lepak rumah aku tunggu drum sume laaa.

Pastu abg syamir suruh pam tayar moto and beli makanan. Pergi laa ambil moto. Tgk tgk tayar okay jeee. So kita pun pergi laaa beli makanan dkt medan selera. Lepas habis semua, hantar moto, hantar makanan, dah set semua, pergi balik rumah aku. Balik rumah tunggu org tu sampai. Suresh tu ahh. Then dah sampai, die pasang sume pasang sume. Dah set jee, okay chow ahh. Hahahah, kasi ahh rm60 untuk hantar barang. Call ahh semua dtg rumah jamming. Hahahahha, waaaa dah siap.
Then Ezki ngan Amir ni tidur rumah aku. Siap bawak gitar. Tkleh blaaa. Memekak ahh rumah aku.

Malam tu seronok duhh. Hhahaha, lepak pukul 1 kat rooftop rumah aku. Lepak lepak lepak. Cerita macam2. Gelak sane gelak sini, blabalablablaba. Then tgk jam tgk2 dah pukul 5.30. Wow! Kat rooftop pun jadi. Hahhahaa. Then terus lepak bilik. Mule2 aku dah cadang dah nak tidur lepas masuk bilik ni. Tgk2 tidur lambat, borak borak agi dalam bilik. Hahhaa, gelak mcm org gile ahhh. Hahah, pukul 9 baru laa mate dah nak tidur. Soo tidur laaa aku ngan Amir jelaaa. Ezki pergi layan blue dari pukul 6 sampai pukul 3 ptg, gilee die tu. Kitorang bangun jee, die masih ngan blue die. Hhahaha, then bgun mandi makan, jam, lepak condo, balik condo jam lagi. pastu pasar malam. Balik mandi dan sampai sekarang. Hahahhaha, tu jee duhhhl. Sorry ahh, aku suke buat karangan. Thanks and bye. :)

Monday, December 7, 2009

New leaf of my life.

It's not just your fault sayang, but it's our fault also. But the majority, it's yours. :) . I'm not talking about you, Yasmin. I'm talking about this one guy that is always be like brothers to me. Forget all about our mistakes. It's not worth it if we still keep hanging on it, right? But don't you ever make a same mistake, same attitude, etc etc.

I promise you, my friend. That I'll give you second chance and we're gonna be on the same road like we use too and hope that thing that cause anything that we do not like it will never gonna happen twice. It's soo cool huh? What Faheem did, haha. Actually, Faheem and I, we go through that problems in very easy way. We never talk about it you know. I met him at BB when we are still fighting. But I don't know how happens, we begin to laugh like we used to and hang like we used too. Weird huh? Hahaha, then i tell everything about you, Faiq. He so say ohhh while smiling and laughing. Haha, its weird to me, you know.

The wierdss bout us, is that we are soo easy to get along. Remember the day after we settle all our things, at the night of the day, we slept-over at my place right? Can you believe all that thing? Hahaha, It's funny when I'm think of it. Hehe. And we jammed, made a sausage and maggie. HAHAH, and count a star on my roof top. Haha, kinda stupid. The best when we're nont slept at all. Haha, and in the morning, having breakfast and swim at condo. Hahaha, soo silly dude. Then tired, I'm slept at your place. Hahahhaa, guess thats all, I'm to lazy too write more.
My english is soo damn sucks, just read it, you will understand. Hahaa. I forgive you, and I know, you'll forgive me as well.

"If you are my brother, we'll be a best friend ever, If you are my best friend, I'll treat you like my own brother" created by me hundred million zillion oooo percent. Hahahha, :)