Tuesday, November 24, 2009

His talk is sooo cheap.

I want to face the world, but how? The world is like a big ball right? Isn't it?

Hello my friend, yea this part is called goodbye take care and sweet dreams. :)
Dude, I'm just starting. And I want ends now, but i have the ends before I'm starting this one.

Okay Irondude,
As I'm writing this blog, I's only for youuuu. Just youuu. I said it before and yess, I said it again. I've got only 20 percent to have u in my arms. Only 20 okay, can you imagine how does it hurts me? Imagine this, there is 100 bucks and you use 80 bucks to spend for your looks and ur arrogant hearts and ur cheap talking bout shit stuff. The balanced never knew about you. If you know what i meant.. Guess u know, u are the clever one among us right?

I'll make it easy and in a good way, if you really love ur friends as u love them as a person and human being, please take a good care of his heart like u love you hair. I just say love not in love. Talking bout love, love does't mean u love someone for his or her looks. You only know about love when you really know about him or her that are good in other way.

Yea dude, I'm sorry for letting you go on your on way. I don't and NO NEED to do that act, but you've gone to far. I just can't stand. Like the song that i dedicated to you. "Please understand, This isn't just goodbye, This is I can't stand you". And talking bout music, when we both alone somehow, have you heard the lyrics of the song that I sing to you? Guess no huh, yea thats for you. I really don't wanna talk much bout you, cuz I know it hurts you and I don't wanna let your reputation and your pride down.

Thanks for pick me up, and be my driver for a while. I don't want to use you. I didn't meant to. I love you. Seriusly. But when I know you the truth you, It does hurt me and all my friends.

Last one, you remmember Faheem? He loves you, you know. I can see. As a friend laa. But how could u can't see that? The only person who wants to ignore him, is me. But why are u on my side? I just can't understand. Its between me and him. I just surprised that u just do that "infiltrate" stuff. HAHA, what goes around comes around Faiq, I know you love that songs. Beware that songs. :)

I'm veryveryveryveryveryveryveryveryvery SORRYYYYYYYY!!! I love you. :)


This letter I've wrote are shackled to my chest.

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  1. Woahhh, Nurman's confessions RULE dudee! HAHA, :D